Dingle Oceanworld

Interactive Installation

This interactive installation built for Dingle Oceanworld, on the west coast of Ireland, consists of three 65" touch screens linked together to form a huge, ultra-high resolution video wall.

As if we're looking out into the Atlantic, a school of mackerel shoal around in the distance. On touching the screen, visitors create a shower of glowing plankton which attracts the fish to feed. The fish then shoal to other visitors in turn continuing their feeding frenzy.

The project was built entirely in Unreal Engine to run in real-time. The aim was to get as photo-real as possible given the technical constraints, with realistic fish shoaling behaviour, bubbles, plankton and light rays to feel like a window into the ocean just outside.

This was a solo project, so as well as working as Creative Director on the piece, it was an opportunity for me to get stuck into Unreal Engine, as well as the touch screen/Unreal communication side.

Technical Direction