Behind The Music VR

O2 commissioned this VR experience for use instore. It features exclusive access backstage at their Academy venues, plus placing you on stage in front of 2000 fans at a real gig (with kind permission from The Coral at The Shepherd's Bush Empire)

The viewer could choose between being a fan and being the star, and interactively switch between the different simultaneous journeys to the stage. The fan's journey from pre-gig drinks through the front door into the bar then into the arena; the star's journey from the tour bus into the backstage green room, then onto the stage.

The challenge here was to create two parallel timelines that mirrored each other both thematically and physically. When you switched between the timelines you would be moving at the same speed, looking in the same direction, to minimise any physical discomfort that some viewers feel from VR.

The action was blocked out and rehearsed in advance of the shoot to make this possible, and the characters and dialogue was workshopped with the actors during rehearsal based on my original script

Getting a remote-controlled robot dolly to navigate the stage setup for a one-chance shot was quite a challenge!

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